Increase Borrowing Power With Stated Income Commercial Loans

As a self-employed business owner, you don’t always have traditional borrowing options. At Sunshine Capital Solutions, we offer stated income commercial real estate loans based on the income value of the property, not your credit history. With a minimum credit rating and proof of employment, we can secure up to $500,000 for real estate investment, refinancing or debt consolidation. To get the financing you need quickly, apply today.

Take Control of Your Financing

Without the extensive underwriting and paperwork of traditional loan structures, our stated income financing offers flexible terms and limits. Basic loan requirements are minimal:

  • Minimum credit score of 600
  • Proof of self-employment or W2
  • Property value greater than mortgage, taxes and fees

Most small businesses and sole proprietorships lack the resources to refinance their commercial real estate investments, a necessary step to expanding working capital. Gain the flexibility and borrowing power you need to make smart investment decisions without depleting your credit standing.

Flexible Terms and Benefits

Our financial experts at Sunshine Capital Solutions work hard to get you the highest value loans for your situation. With favorable loan-to-value ratios and long-term amortization options, our stated income commercial real estate products offer hassle-free solutions to refinancing working capital. Depending on the property type, we can guarantee LTV ratios as high as 75 percent. Financing is available for both owner-occupied properties and non:

  • Single-family units
  • Non-owner-occupied investment properties
  • Multi-family dwellings and apartment buildings
  • Warehouses, garages, storage properties and restaurants

We offer fixed rates with amortizations periods of up to 25 years, helping you manage and stabilize cash flow while consolidating debt. To find out what terms and conditions you qualify for, schedule a free consultation.

Discover how Sunshine Capital Solutions can help manage your commercial real estate capital. Speak with one of our financial experts today to learn more about your stated income borrowing options and take your business to new heights.