Enroll in Our Equipment Financing Program and Gain Immediate Access to the Equipment You Need

Are you getting ready to purchase a large piece of equipment for your business? Before you rush out and pay for it in cash, consider financing it. Financing your equipment offers many potential benefits, including less strain on your budget and the ability to make smaller monthly payments over time. At Sunshine Capital Solutions we offer an equipment financing program that can be customized to meet the needs of both small and large businesses.

Why Choose Us?

We offer several different equipment financing programs and would love to help you choose the right one for your business. Your options include:

  • Sale and Lease Back Program: As the name suggests, this program gives you the opportunity to sell us equipment you already have in exchange for immediate working capital. If you need your equipment to operate, don’t worry. This program allows you to lease your equipment back from us by making small monthly payments that are easy on your budget. At the end of the program (when you’ve met the payback terms), you’ll own the equipment again.
  • Startup Program: There aren’t many lenders who offer equipment leasing programs specifically for startups. Fortunately, we enjoy helping small businesses succeed, which is why we create customized financing programs specifically for them.
  • Second Chance Program: We believe in second chances, so we’re proud to offer equipment financing to companies with damaged credit. If your business has recently come across challenging financial times and your credit profile has suffered as a result, ask us about our B, C and D credit programs.
  • Government Programs: All government and municipal entities are guaranteed to receive equipment leasing approval through us. Examples of entities we regularly work with include police departments, libraries, federal government agencies and more.

There are many reasons to lease instead of buy. If you’re interested in making fixed, low monthly payments on equipment and freeing up your cash for other business needs, this is the program for you. Call Sunshine Capital Solutions today and we’ll help you start the application process.