Consumer Financing Is Beneficial to Business and Customer Alike

From fashion boutiques to business-to-business vendor shops, an increasing number of companies are offering their customers lines of credit. Sunshine Capital Solutions assists business of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries with providing consumer finance options to their customers. Doing so not only helps new businesses to build brand awareness but allows established companies to bring in new customers and keep established ones coming in.

How We Help Your Customers

A line of credit through your company provides your customers with an easy and convenient way to purchase the items they need now and handle the bill later. Our secure financial services offer a revolving line of credit, which means every payment adds more credit to their limit as well as provides an excellent way for them to raise their own credit scores. Our application process is quick and easy, with decisions often taking only a couple of days.

How We Help You

Of course, providing consumer financing options is only a good idea if it’s convenient for you as well, which is our goal. We offer:

  • Strong credit limits for your customers
  • Training solutions to help you help clients
  • Secure E-Signature services
  • Collections services

Offer Financing Now

Start building your brand and your customer base now. Contact the professionals at Sunshine Capital Solutions to find out how to start the process.