Your Unpaid Client Invoices Can Finance Your Business Now

One of the perils of operating a business that invoices its customers is the waiting period between payments. Often, invoice-dependent businesses give clients 30 or more days to pay, but what happens if an unexpectedly large order comes in during that time? For many, the answer is accounts receivable financing provided by Sunshine Capital Solutions.

How It Works

The great thing about financing receivables is that funding is based on the creditworthiness of your clients and not your business, making it perfect for companies facing bankruptcy. If accepted, you provide your clients’ unpaid invoices and receive a percentage of their worth. <Company name> takes over receiving payment for the invoice, including handling any that become delinquent. When the client pays, we keep the percentage borrowed and a small borrower’s fee and then provide you with any leftover funds. Accounts receivable financing offers a variety of benefits:

  • Available for all types of businesses
  • You receive cash in as little as 24 hours
  • You need not provide personal guarantees or make fixed payments
  • When your receivables increase, so does your funding

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Whether you need working capital to handle operating expenses or take on a large order, Sunshine Capital Solutions can help you start the application process. Contact us today for more information.