Beware of Lies Given Entrepreneurs About How To Succeed

The internet has opened a world of possibilities for those walking the path of entrepreneurship. Articles and blogs on how to succeed can lull even the steadiest of business brains into a false sense of security. Being an entrepreneur takes hard work, dedication and self-awareness. Many believe they will succeed by following the directions.The truth is most who do this will fail, nine times out of 10. What does the one who makes it do differently? It might come down to pulling back the curtain of these common misconceptions and forging ahead at all costs.

Lie: Luck Doesn’t Exist in Business

When starting, you might hear early on that any success you experience is due to hard work and not to luck. If you look at the entrepreneurs who have failed, you’ll see that they, too, worked hard. While luck may be open to interpretation, timing is not. There is much to be said about meeting the right opportunity at the right time. It can prove to get you moving in the direction you need to be heading.

Lie: Know Your Numbers

Too much emphasis is placed in data farming and course-correcting when the numbers seem to be against you. While the numbers are significant, they don’t tell the whole story. If your instincts are telling you to do something contrary to what the data is, trust your gut. Public opinion and consumerism are subject to change at any time.

Lie: Advertise Early and Often

Marketing and reaching your target audience is essential in getting your business going, but placing too much stock into it can lead to false course corrections. Entrepreneurship is based somewhat around getting your message to those who will buy-in to your services. However, spending all your money changing marketing tactics because the customers aren’t biting will leave you broke and confused. Be prepared to go with the flow and adjust your targeting. Save some of that money for future moves.

Lie: Chase Your Goals

You started a business which was your dream. It’s not a bad thing to have an idea and turn it into reality. The lie in this statement is you can’t go chasing it blindly. A readiness to shut the door on one idea because it’s not working is part of being honest about your business and its future success. Don’t continue chasing something that isn’t working.

Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy path, but it can be worth it if you strike a balance between what others tell you and what you know. Continuing on a path to a successful start-up will require honesty, integrity and difficult choices which you have to be prepared to make.


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